Bank of Good Finance payroll-deductible loan

For those who need a loan, payroll loans are one of the best options.

With lower rates than other types of loan, payroll is one of the most popular ways to get credit.

For those who are negative, one option is the payroll loan from the Bank of Good Finance. Want to know more about Payroll Loan? Which is? What other banks do? Read:

  • How Payroll-deductible Payroll Loans and Bank Lists Do

Payroll for negatives

Payroll for negatives

Payroll is a type of loan in which installments are deducted directly from the payroll, the monthly salary.

  • To do this, the person must work in a company (public or private), public body, local authority, foundation or joint stock company that has an agreement with BASA.

Find out where you work if you have an agreement with the Bank of the Amazon.

  • The amount to be released will depend on an analysis and for those who are not account holders, the values ​​will be lower and the rates higher. Those who are negative may also have access to the BASA payroll, since no CPF analysis is performed.


The minimum released is R $ 300.00 or installments of R $ 50.00 and the installments cannot exceed 30% of net income.

The installments will be at least 2 and at most 60 months, in monthly and successive fixed installments.

Like the amount, the rate also varies depending on the relationship with the bank. On average, the rate of 2.61% per month.

Over 70 years

Over 70 years

The Bank of the Amazon was founded in 1942, ie over 70 years of history.

It is a mixed capital commercial bank, where the federal government is the largest shareholder.

BASA, as it is also known, accounts for over 60% of long-term credit in the northern region of the country, financing from major projects in the Amazon region to credit for family farming.

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