What is a Loan and How to Obtain it

You may be an SME looking for alternative financing for your business. In this case, the Alias loans may be what you were looking for. However, do you know what an Alias loan is and how to obtain it? In Financing for Companies we explain it to you. ogawaweb.net has examples

What is an Alias loan

Alias is a public entity, created in 1982, which is responsible for offering capital to those companies that demonstrate that they are creating a novel product or service within their field

To demonstrate that you have an innovative product or service, you need to have a feasibility plan. Within Alias you will have different financing lines according to the needs of your business. In all cases, the loans are participative.

Advantages of the loans of Alias against traditional financial institutions

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of Alias against treasonous financial entities is that it offers participative loans. What does this mean?

  • That you do not need to have an endorsement.
  • That it is enough to have a good viability plan.
  • It also offers grace periods and interesting repayment terms.

When dealing with participative loans, Alias will obtain a percentage of the profits obtained by the company with the loans. To this capital must be added the interests that have been previously agreed between both parties. These interests are linked to the way in which the business that has requested the loan is developing.

What financing lines does Alias offer?

In total, Alias has three different financing lines focused on the different moments a business is going through. Loans can range from € 25,000 to 2 million.

  • Alias young entrepreneurs. It is a line of credit specially designed for the moment of creation of a company. Therefore it offers resources to those businesses that have a maximum age of 24 months. Entrepreneurs in charge of these companies can not exceed 40 years. You can get up to € 75,000 and enjoy a 5 year grace period.
  • Alias Entrepreneurs Line Regardless of how old you are if your company is a recent creation, you can apply for this line of credit. The total amount to be received is € 300,000 and you will have a maximum of 7 years to return it.
  • And finally the Alias Line growth. Ideal for those businesses that have already shown an acceptable route over the years. It is perfect for those who are immersed in an improvement of their productive system that is an interesting innovation in their field of action. You can also ask for those who want to expand. Either to diversify market or to improve technologically. In this case you can have a maximum of 1 million euros with 7 years of grace. The refund must be made within a maximum period of 9 years.

How to get an Alias loan

To access these financing lines you must meet certain requirements. For example:

  • Develop your activity and be registered in the national territory.
  • Be an SME
  • Offer a business model that implies some innovation in your field.
  • That your business is not part of the financial or real estate sector.
  • Have a business project and present a feasibility plan in the loan request.
  • Have own funds that amount, at least, to the requested amount.
  • Be established as a commercial company for less than 24 months since the credit line was requested.

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